Thursday, 20 November 2014

So'journ - A temporary stay

So’journ – A Temporary stay.

Everyone of us have a life!  The fullness of that life is displayed by the stories we tell.  A story reveals our character and courage that we possess to try something, it can range from trying to change a habit to climbing a mountain, every story is your life, it represents time, effort, will and endurance.  
I learned that it is not necessarily the big stories that make an impact on peoples lives but rather the simple things that have a greater impact on others.  Greeting people, smiling, looking in somebodies eyes when you talk to them, all these things is your life on display and reveals what you believe.  I believe that everyone of us can have an impact on somebodies life, it always start with a first step.

Every one of us had a ‘first step’ before we walked, now you can run, climb, play rugby, etc. as a result of that first step.  Your first step was in fact a step of confidence.  It gave you the confidence in your own legs to carry you, just as your life has the potential of great stories.  This is your life and God entrusted it to you.  He trust you with it!!  I believe that this is truly our power source, in living.

That was my inspiration when I started ‘So’journ’.  That everyone started somewhere with a first step and if I listen closely I will find the courage to take another step of my own.
The meaning of So’journ according to me:“What is the impression that we leave on each others lives in the time we have together?” 

Maybe in eating together, slowing down and listening we might find that Jesus is still Immanuel (God with us).  He is close.

 I want to capture that first step somebody took, that escalated into a big thing.  I want to hear their personal struggle and their break through.  By making videos of these stories I want to break down walls that keep people apart and maybe we might again be people that stand in relationship with each other.

I want to invite you to listen to some of these stories on our website.  CLICK here

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