Tuesday, 9 July 2013


condensed in skin and bone
a gift that was sent.
so many opinions, so many thoughts
so many experiences.
What did you hear when you asked
who do you say i am?
Peter said: You are the Christ.
why did that make you so happy, 
why do you bless him for knowing
who you are?
You are the only one who understand this 
gift for us.
You are the only one who saw Gods face 
when he sent you to us
you are the only one who knows the plans that 
God made for us.
you are the only one who saw everything when it
was made, the original intention of God, what he was thinking
what he planned.
Yet you say we are blessed if we know Jesus the gift, the one.
who are you?
what a big question...

God in the centre
God in between
God of love
Love from God
Words that form a language
Words that influence nations by just talking
How great a mistery these words are, they are hidden
in everyday talk.  Eternal words hidden within our own mouths.
No one except a God whom created everything through Himself could create a space
to hide among words.

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